Driving in Pune…… a blessing or curse


Pune the cultural and green city of India, has over the years gained a new identity as the 7th Metro City of India or has lost its original charisma is a debate in every chowk, mohalla, katta or so-called congregations of local Puneite’s.

Pune now looks like a concrete jungle in opposition to its original look of a township spread amidst a sprinkle of greens. Traffic in the city is the nastiest compared to any other towns in India or for that matter any town across the globe.

It’s a common saying “One who can drive in Pune, can drive anywhere in the world…!”

That’s true to an extent as Pune is somewhat an unplanned city. The unbelievable growth the city has seen over the years has put the Governance is a situation where in the situation is getting more and worse even before they can think of a corrective action. Let’s let the Governance rest in peace.

The horizons of Pune are growing year after year and the number of vehicles on the road is the highest for per thousand population compared to any other city.

The lacunae of a robust public transport system, wide and good quality roads and most importantly public awareness are the major causes for the current gigantic and traumatic state of affairs. I would like to add to this list is the attitude of Puneite’s.


Puneite’s while travelling back home from the daily schedules after sunset are a treat to watch. All are so frustrated not by their hectic schedules but the inevitable traffic jams that they are willing to take any pass way and break every traffic rule in an endeavor to reach further down the journey thus making the situation more vulnerable.

I am one of the millions of Puneite’s who take the drive home once the sun sets. Till a few years back I too was a part of this frustrated mob trying out all possible measures to reach home fast for what reason I am yet to know.

Over the years it became a routine and then when I had at times taken the same route on a Sunday when the lanes are comparably traffic free, I did not in any way enjoy my drive.

I took a note of it and since then I have started enjoying my drives back home at the city pace and not my pace.

Now when travelling back I am looking for that guy on a racer back who can kill a few because he needs to be a meter ahead to be adjacent to the lovely chic who probably has not noticed him even.

I listen to all the yelling the hubby is receiving from his pillion wife carrying bags of shopping’s probably the hubby himself has spent for.

I specially get interested when two oldies begin with…. “In our times…” But cannot prolong as horns start yelling at you and you need to pace up.

It’s always a treat a stand aside a car with a sweet baby in the back seat. It’s such a good freshener to see the baby smile.

Overall Pune has not changed… It is still the cool city it used to be. The cool breeze welcomes you every evening… Yes the bird chirping is not audible but these days it’s been replaced by the loud horns of the vehicles that are in such a hurry to reach their destinations… Albeit… even they make good music… if you enjoy it…

Only thing you need to do is be happy and enjoy the situation. Enjoy travelling… Enjoy Pune…!!!


Indian Politics and Cricket.

The election campaigns for the 16th Loksabha are at the climax and both the colossal parties, Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party are profoundly engaged in attacking and counter attacking their arch rivals.

The ruling party, UPA (Congress along with its allies) is focusing on their achievements wherein they have already chunked out these campaigns like Bharat Nirman I, II & III. This is now being followed by a campaign focusing on self help “Har haath shakti… Har haath tarakki…” (Power in every hand; progress for everyone) showcasing their star Rahul Gandhi.

TVC’s (Television commercials) using celebrities, actors and models are susceptible to popularity upheavals. Animated advertisements using animated characters on the other hand do not suffer from the above issues live TV advertisements face. As far as a character is concerned, its popularity can be timeless if timed properly.

Currently India is drooling in the Cricket flavor. The whole nation is obsessed with the ICC World T20 Championship being contested in Bangladesh where India is predicted as the most favorite to espouse the championship.

That’s not all… The world cup will be followed by the most watched and followed Indian Premiere League (IPL).

Will the T20 fever justify the UPA campaign is a million dollar question…!!!

Bharatiya Janata Party on the other hand has overcome this dilemma in a very innovative way. They have rolled out several simple digitally animated TVC’s based on anticipated corruption in Cricket and captioned it with “to stop corruption… Vote for Narendra Modi… The Party Patriarch promoted to be the next Prime Minister”.

These TVC’s are so adept to the current situation and the cricketing season while being made very creatively that it automatically attracts the common mans attention.

Animated TVC’s are not new to Indian Television and not being used first time during Cricketing T20 seasons… everybody is aware about the success of the Vodafone Zoo-Zoo’s.

I took a while from my schedule to write this as I sincerely wanted to thank and appreciate the creative team behind the BJP campaign…. Hats off Guys…!!!