As an industry, SME’s brand building and growth is our responsibility.

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Branding for Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship is an undertaking of the courageous and the passionate. These entrepreneurs are visionaries, with a strong drive and big ideas. And when such is the case, even the smallest nudge in the right direction can set them on the path to success. I feel, as an industry, we can give them that nudge. Their brand building and  growth is our responsibility.

SMEs have their own brand problems to solve. Few they are not aware about, and few are yet to reach to them. I am a strong believer of the problem solving methodology. I believe that conferences and forums should not be treated as ‘entertainment shows’, where ‘good presentation’ is often treated as a piece of entertainment. In fact, giving high-flying examples subliminally gives these entrepreneurs the message that “you will not understand this” or “this is not for you”.

This is why I decided to…

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